A Day in the Life: What Pets Do in Boarding Facilities

Do you have an animal companion? Chances are that a day will come when you will have to leave your pet in a boarding facility. Whether you need to take an unexpected trip or travel frequently, you should leave your pet in good hands. If you have a dog, for example, you should make perfect arrangements for the care of your canine friend.


How Do Pets and Their Owners React to Pet Boarding Facilities?

For most loving pet owners, pet boarding can be one of the most stressful parts of travel planning. Of course, all pet owners and pets vary. Your furry friend may settle into a boarding facility and routine easily and even enjoy the change of scene. This is the best outcome to hope for.

Some pets, however, will pine away for their human companions. They will refuse to eat, whine, and remain miserable for their entire stay in a boarding facility. Likewise, some pet owners will spend the whole time in fretful anxiety. Others, on the other hand, will not give a second thought to leaving their pets at a boarding facility.


Types of Pet Boarding Facilities

Are you a sensitive pet owner? Maybe you have a highly sensitive pet. The best way to minimize the stress of boarding your pet is to find out what pets do in boarding. You want a situation where both you and your animal companion are comfortable. You also need to prepare your pet for their time in the facility.

Research shows that more than 30 million pets in the U.S. and Canada spend time at boarding facilities each year. If you are feeling anxious about leaving your pet at a boarding facility, therefore, you simply need to remember that you are not the first pet owner to do so. You just need to choose the right boarding facility.


Traditional Boarding Facilities

Have you been to a pet boarding facility recently? If not, some of the accommodations available in modern facilities might surprise you. When most people think of pet boarding, they picture long rows of crates or kennels containing miserable pets.


Modern Boarding Facilities

Nowadays, you will find pet boarding facilities that will make you envy your pet. They provide everything a caring pet owner would need under one roof. This includes veterinary care, grooming, daycare, socializing time, and boarding.


What Do Pets Do in Modern Boarding Facilities?

Some of the best pet boarding facilities are more like pet resorts and wellness centers. If you are planning to take a trip and need a comfortable and safe place for your pet to stay, then you are in luck. You simply need to do a bit of research on the best pet boarding facilities in your area.

If you leave your animal pal at a good boarding facility, they will have a blast. Such facilities ensure that pets get lots of time to exercise and play in specially designed safe yards. Your pet will also receive a significant level of care and attention from the staff. Some facilities also provide fun activities for pets, such as playing outside with an attendant or swimming.

If you want to learn more about pet boarding, visit Liberty Pet Resort and Wellness Center at our office in Cumming, Georgia. You can call (770) 886-9936 today to schedule an appointment.

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