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Welcome to Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center!!

We would like to extend a warm welcome and thank you for choosing us to care for your fur babies! We take this choice seriously- and promise to take care of our pets as if they were our own.

  • We focus on providing your pet a clean, safe, fun-filled, and comfortable visit with us. We will do everything we can to make this possible- we have lots of space, and activities to ensure your pet is well cared for in your absence.

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We would like to outline our Resort Policies & Requirements for you, please read below.

Preventative healthcare requirements

Currently, we require yearly vaccination of your dog against Rabies, Distemper/Parvo/Adenovirus/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza (DA2PP), Bordetella Bronchiseptica, and Canine Influenza virus Bivalent and your cat against Rabies and Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Panleukopenia, and Calicivirus (FVRCP) by a licensed Veterinarian. These are all devastating, contagious diseases that have a high mortality rate if your pet gets infected.
We also require a yearly negative fecal exam to ensure your pet is free of intestinal parasites, which can be easily transmitted between animals, and in some cases also transmissible to humans.
These requirements are not optional and are subject to change, our most up-to-date information is always available at

  • FLEAS & PARASITES- All pets admitted into the care of Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center must be free of any external or internal parasites, including fleas & worms. If your pet is found to be carrying any parasites, they will be treated at the owner's expense

  • FEEDING- If your Det is on a special diet, you will need to ensure you send enough food from home with your pet. We will be happy to store and feed your pet according to your instructions. If no food is brought with your pet, we will feed them up to twice daily at no extra charge. We only feed Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin

  • BELONGINGS: Please take your pet's wearable gear with you, including leashes, collars, and harnesses. If you need to leave these items for convenience, we can store them for you, but for the safety of your pet, we do not allow these items to be left on your pet during their stay. We place quick-release paper ID tags on your pet for identification. Bedding, blankets & special toys will be accepted, however, we do not recommend any items be left with your pet(s), & cannot guarantee any item left with your pet will not be damaged, destroyed, or be returned. We provide Kuranda beds for comfort in our Luxury & Premiere suites, and blankets if needed

  • Requirements: All dogs must be at least 4 months of age to play or board with us and have their final set of shots completed. No unneutered males or females in heat may play in daycare.

  • Microchips save lives! Pets commonly lose their collars and tags or don't always wear one for comfort. We recommend every pet be microchipped. We can quickly place this permanent ID for your pet in our Veterinary Clinic.

Behavior and Conduct

If your pet is found to be aggressive or dangerous to the staff or other animals and handling becomes difficult, our drop off, boarding, and/or daycare services may be denied for safety

  • The first day of Day Care is complimentary and a behavioral assessment will be done to ensure your pet is suitable for group play.

  • For the safety of your pet & others, please control your pet in our lobby by keeping them on a leash until a staff member takes them to their accommodations.

Resort Hours

  • Boarding Drop Off: as early as 7 am Monday thru Friday, 2-6 pm on Sundays

  • Day Care Hours are 7 am until 7 pm Monday thru Friday, 9 am until 5 pm Saturday. No Day Care on Sundays. Half-Day dogs must be picked up by 2 pm otherwise will be charged for a full day of care.

Services Grooming

Our groomer is available from 9 am to 3 pm Monday thru Saturday. Please drop your pet off by 11 am for grooming.

  • Departure services are done the morning your pet is scheduled to check out, exceptions are Sunday pick up in which case they are done on Saturday.

  • No grooming or Spa Bath services are available on Sunday.

  • Grooming pets must meet all preventative health care requirements as well to be groomed in our facility.

Cancellation Policy

Payment for all services is due upon check out. Packages and membership specials require pre-payment. We accept all forms of payment except checks.
Cancellation Policy: All owners must put down a $25.00 non-refundable deposit
in order to secure a boarding reservation. This deposit will count toward the final bill. Please call at least 48 hours in advance if you have to cancel so that other families have a place for their pet to stay.

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