Benefits of a Pet Behavioral Assessment Before Boarding

Are you looking for a temporary stay for your pet while you’re traveling? For many owners, boarding their pet is the first solution that often comes to mind. Whether you’d be away for only a few days or several weeks, you’d want expert care for your furry friend. This way, you can ensure that your beloved dog will be looked after with both skill and empathy while you’re gone. Before boarding your pet, some facilities may require a behavioral assessment. Here are the top two benefits of getting your dog evaluated prior to admission to the premises:



It’s frightening to be around an aggressive dog. They may show their teeth, growl, or lunge. In extreme cases, they may even bite or attack the staff or other pets in the boarding facility. Some of the common causes of aggression in dogs include illness or injury, fear, and frustration. Others become aggressive to display their dominance toward other dogs. A pet behavioral assessment will help the staff prepare for this. If your dog tends to be aggressive, the facility will safely board your pet by appointing a staff member who has extensive experience in handling dogs who display aggression. The handlers often have many years of training and have the skills to reassure an aggressive dog. Proper handling is crucial in making your pet feel safe and comfortable during their stay at the establishment.




Letting your dog undergo a behavioral assessment ensures that they’re not afraid, stressed, or anxious when they’re around new people or other pets. Otherwise, they may pose a danger to the staff and other dogs. By learning your dog’s personality, confidence, and the way they interact with their surroundings, the staff at the boarding facility can guarantee everyone’s safety. Many facilities will encourage you to bring your pet early on the first day. This way, the staff can spend some time with your dog one-on-one, so they get familiar with the people around them. During this initial interaction and the information you will provide upon registration, the staff will determine when it’s time to introduce your pet to other dogs in the facility.


Why You Should Board Your Pet



Choosing a good place for your furry friend to stay while you’re gone is not an easy decision to make. Here are the reasons why boarding your pet may be an excellent option:



Proper Exercise and Nutrition

Pets require regular exercise and proper nutrition. A reputable pet boarding facility will provide time for your dog to exercise and feed them with nutritious food. The staff will also work with you if your dog is on a special diet or taking any medications.



Interaction and Companionship

Taking your dog to a boarding facility also ensures that they get to socialize with people and other pets. Most facilities allow playtime with other dogs whenever appropriate. They also provide extra care for those pets that may suffer from separation anxiety.



Additional Services

Many pet boarding facilities also offer other pet care services. These include grooming and training classes. These can help keep your dog happy and comfortable during their stay.


Are you planning to go out of town soon? At Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center, we have built our facility with animal safety in mind. Call our office today in Cumming, Georgia, to discuss our affordable boarding packages.

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