Benefits of Daycare for Your Dog

Most dogs have extrovert behavior. It is no wonder they are always in high spirits. If your dog shows signs of being an introvert, there could be a problem. Introvert behaviors in dogs include anxiety, retreat from friends, sleeping all day, destructive behavior, failure to make friends, poor feeding, and refusal to exercise. If your dog seems unhappy and antisocial in any way, it is time you consider taking him for a play date at the doggy daycare.

The average person spends over eight hours at work. When you add the hours used to commute and do chores, you find that your dog could be spending the whole day alone. Most dogs only interact with their owners during a bathroom break. Dogs need physical and mental activities, and doggy daycare is a good place for that. Here is why you should take your dog to doggy daycare.


It Provides a Safe Social Space


Dogs are social beings who love to socialize with other dogs and with people. Good doggy daycare provides the dog with a safe controlled environment for their personality. Dogs can engage in supervised playtime where they can express themselves freely.


Your Dog Gets Enough Exercise Time


Dogs love to run around and play. They spend most of their days on their own and tend to sleep all day. Play for dogs is essential for their health. Doggy daycare provides a space for them to be active all day. This is important especially for winter months. They can play their hearts out in a heat-controlled room when it is too cold outside.


They Get Extended Human Contact


Some breeds of dogs tend to become wild in the absence of human contact. When owners are not around, such dogs need to interact with other humans to keep them tame. Even if the dogs are not wild, they need the play, belly rub, grooming, and human interaction to keep them happy all day.


It Improves Their Health

Leaving dogs at the doggy daycare improves their health. They run around all day to keep fit. They can go potty at will and have fun with friends which is good for their mental health. Some doggy daycares also offer boarding, feeding, vaccination, rehabilitation, training, grooming, and veterinary services. They also feed and groom the dogs properly. This reduces separation anxiety by a great deal.


You Keep a Healthy Routine


A consistent routine helps you to train your dog. Your dog benefits more if you train him to follow a routine. The routine has a special set time for feeding, play, napping, and bathroom breaks. Doggy daycare can help you to establish a suitable routine for your dog.


It Benefits the Dog Owner Too


Dog owners also benefit from doggy daycare. If you have a busy day, and chores to do, you can achieve them comfortably. You can travel with ease knowing that your dog is in safe hands. You do not have to deal with scratched furniture or chewed on shoes after work. A happy owner and a happy dog make for a happy long-lasting relationship.


For more information on dog daycare, come to Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center in Cumming, Georgia. To book an appointment, call (770)886-9936 today.

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