Do Dogs Like Being Groomed?

You are dropping off your canine companion at the groomer. That is great. After all, the groomer will bathe and pamper your furry friend. By the end of the grooming session, your dog will look beautiful and happier. 

But do you ever wonder whether your pooch likes or enjoys the grooming process? According to most professional pet groomers, the answer is yes. You can help make the session smoother for your dog and the groomer.


Dog Grooming

One of your dog’s basic needs is grooming. It is an essential component of responsible dog ownership. Like humans, dogs need maintenance to feel and look their best. That involves cleaning, styling, and looking after your dog to keep them clean and healthy. Grooming will also help keep your dog’s fur and skin healthy by removing dead hair and debris. Furthermore, it presents a good bonding and teaching opportunity.


How Grooming Will Make Your Dog Happier

Think of how great you feel after a spa day and having your hair cut. A good pet resort and wellness center will treat your four-legged friend the same way. Professional groomers have the training and experience required to keep pets as happy as possible during the grooming session. Properly treating pets is key to keeping them comfortable throughout the process. 


Dogs Love Regular Brushing

Most dogs enjoy gentle brushing. However, a dog’s brushing needs will depend on hair type. So, it would be best if you used the right brush and brushing techniques. Some of the benefits of having your dog brushed by a professional groomer include:


  • Removes dead hair

  • Saving your dog from various skin diseases

  • Removes dry and dead skin

  • Cleans your dog’s coat

  • It can help detect lumps on your dog’s skin

  • It prevents your dog from shedding everywhere

  • Early detection of parasites

  • A cleaner coat will smell better


Do Dogs Enjoy the Grooming Process?

Besides simple combing and brushing, coat-stripping, nail-clipping, bathing, and ear care demands more experience and skill. That is because it requires more invasion into your dog’s personal space.

The secret to improving your dog’s temperament is through regular grooming. Also, positive grooming experiences will help your furry friend become more comfortable with the process. 


How to Make the Grooming Job Easier

The following tips are beneficial for your dog’s emotional and physical well-being. Following them will make the process easier for your dog and groomer.


  • Get your dog used to grooming as early as possible

  • Always keep an eye on your dog’s ears and feet

  • Brush regularly

  • Be specific with your groomer on what you want

  • Keep calm when you drop your dog off because your dog will sense your anxiety

  • Listen to your groomer

  • Avoid matting

All dogs require regular grooming. Find a skilled and experienced groomer and stick with one for the best results. If you have your dog groomed regularly, they will come to enjoy the entire process. Otherwise, it will be a frightening and painful experience for your canine friend.

For more on pet grooming, visit Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center at our Cumming, Georgia office. Call (770) 886-9936 to schedule an appointment today.

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