Does Doggie Daycare Help With Anxiety?

Doggie daycare is a fantastic way to help your dog deal with separation anxiety. The condition can be crippling to your pet and prevent it from developing physically, mentally, and socially. 


It can be the result of numerous factors, and it can cause unwanted behaviors. However, the solution is not to get cross with your pet. The behavior is a cry for help. Do exactly that—help your dog deal with separation anxiety. Most of them respond superbly to enrollment in doggie daycare. You and your pet are likely to reap numerous benefits.


What Is Separation Anxiety?


Separation anxiety is the dislike of isolation and is one of the top causes of behavioral problems in canines. It causes fear in dogs and results in undesirable behavior.


What Causes Anxiety?


There are numerous causes of separation anxiety. They include:


  • A change in residence

  • A change in routine or schedule

  • A change in the family setup through a child moving out or death

  • Getting a new guardian


What Behavior Results From It?


You will notice several behaviors when a dog is suffering from separation anxiety. They include:


  • Pacing

  • Defecating or urinating in the house

  • Escaping from their kennel or the yard

  • Digging, chewing, and destruction

  • Barking and howling

  • Eating their excrement


There are several things you can do when you notice such behavior. The top on the list is enrolling your dog in daycare. It has numerous benefits.


Benefits of Doggie Daycare in Helping With Anxiety


Doggie daycares are centers where your dog interacts with other dogs and human beings. They allow you to go about your daily activities knowing that your dog is under supervision. They are a great source of comfort for dogs that suffer from anxiety since they provide:


Physical Exercise


Your dog gets to enjoy a full day of fun and exercise, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. They also reap numerous health benefits to their weight, muscles, and joints. Group play allows them to spend their pent-up energy and make friends. It improves their overall wellness. You will see less unwanted behavior when you stay with your pet between doggie daycare.


Improving Social Skills


Dogs are pack animals, so they need to develop and grow their social skills. If your dog did not develop social skills when it was young, it causes issues with anxiety. Doggie daycare centers give it a chance to work on these social skills. They will get to meet other dogs and make friends. As they do this, they will become more confident and less anxious.


Establishing a Routine


Routine is crucial for dogs. It makes them feel secure, and regularly taking them to doggie daycare establishes structure. Familiarity and consistency create a sense of security for your dog. It calms them down and works on their anxiety. You create a weekly routine that they will look forward to and fill them with happiness.




When your dog remains at home alone and must deal with separation anxiety, it may result in self-harm. At the doggie daycare, they have supervision. Human interaction gives your dog a sense of safety and calms their anxiety.


For more information on how doggie daycare helps with anxiety, call (770) 886-9936 to reach Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center at our Cumming, Georgia office. 

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