FAQ About Doggie Daycare

The ideal situation for pets is to spend their days enjoying walks, playtime, and pats from their favorite humans. Unfortunately, this is not always possible; dogs sometimes need to go to daycare. As a pet parent, you should find the best doggie daycare for your pet. It is a vital decision, so you must research and ask questions to find the best place. 


Why Does Your Dog Need Daycare?

Leaving your pet alone at home is not ideal for a happy and healthy dog. Dogs require mental and physical stimulation. They need to have fun and burn off excess energy, which can keep them from destroying things in the home. Dropping your pet at daycare will give you a break when you cannot walk your dog. 


How Can You Tell Your Dog Is Ready for Daycare?

Dogs are screened to determine if they enjoy being around other dogs and are happy in new environments. Some dogs are not suitable for daycare as they are shy and prefer to be alone. They tend to be aggressive or reactive, which can result in injuries. Dogs with certain health conditions may not be safe in a daycare setting. Talk to your vet at Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center. They will guide you on if your dog is ready for doggie daycare based on their physical or health condition. 


Are Dog Sizes and Breeds Considered During Play? 

There is a temperament test for dogs left at the daycare. Before leaving your dog, determine if your dog will be matched with similar dogs during play. Dogs are usually assessed to determine their style of play. It will help prevent fights or injuries to smaller dogs.

Some dogs are rough or aggressive and should not be left alone or play unsupervised with smaller or calmer dogs. Reputable facilities have in place behavioral standards that customers must meet. 


Should You Choose a Daycare With a Certified Trainer?

A trainer-led daycare is run by a certified dog trainer with experience in dog behavior and play. Certified trainers help ensure that dogs are properly cared for and safe at the facility. They are trained to know what to look for to ensure that all canine customers are safe. They understand canine behavior, play, and body language. 


Will Your Dog Get Rest and Downtime During the Day?

Dogs require plenty of sleep, and a doggie daycare will have facilities tailored to the pet’s needs. Being overexcited for hours can be detrimental to a dog’s mental well-being. Each dog has an individual plan, and downtime is usually one-third of the dog’s stay. Creating an ideal atmosphere for rest will often include calming music and dimming lights in a room with beds. Dogs are separated into smaller groups when it is time to relax. 


How Can You Ensure Play Remains Appropriate? 

Doggie daycares must ensure that play is appropriate for all dogs. It is crucial to provide constant supervision. Staff trained in dog communication and body language know how to ensure the dogs are safe.

They look for signs of an escalation in play that can lead to injuries. They also look for signs that a dog is tired, uncomfortable, or hurt. You should ensure that the doggie daycare is right for your pet.

For more FAQs about doggie daycare, visit Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center at our Cumming, Georgia office. Call (770) 886-9936 to schedule an appointment today.

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