Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Boarding

In a nutshell, pet boarding is a daycare for pets just like there are daycares for kids. However, there is a difference. Most pet owners usually resort to pet boarding when they have to be away for a few days. As a result, the boarding facilities entrusted with this task have to be professional. 

They have to ensure the pets are exercised, well-fed, and even pampered. This might be confusing for many people especially if they are new pet owners. To shed some light on some issues concerning pet boarding, here are few frequently asked questions and some answers.

What Does a Pet Boarding Facility Offer?

Features and services in pet boarding facilities differ from one to another. Some have better facilities and capabilities to handle pets with special requirements, while others offer basic care services. Some of the features you may expect from these facilities in general include:

  • Clean housing and beddings that are sanitized.

  • Play areas that are controlled. They should also provide misting and shade from the heat.

  • Quality foods that are approved by a veterinarian. You may also bring your food for your pet.

  • Regular outdoor exercises during the day.

  • On-call vets in case of emergencies.

  • Approved medications if necessary.

Does My Pet Need Vaccinations?

Yes, they do. Your pet needs to have vaccinations to protect other guests from getting infected. It is a simple precaution that can ensure preventable diseases are not passed on to others. In some cases, these diseases might be fatal. Moreover, most of these facilities require a copy of your pet’s current certificates, at least within the last 12 months. 

Why Do You Insist on Kennel Cough Vaccine?

Kennel cough (KC) has many strains. For this reason, your pet, particularly dogs, might get it more than once. So, if you have a pet dog, current conditions dictate that you have proof of KC licensing of at least 12 months with documentary proof. Kennel cough is one of the most dangerous conditions especially for young and old canines with immuno-deficiencies. 

So, What Happens If My Pet Gets Ill While in Your Pet Care?

For starters, your pets should have their vet. When you check in your animal buddy to a pet boarding facility, you should give details of your vet. If they do not ask for this information, do not hesitate to ask why. They will probably have an in-house vet who can maintain the continuity of your pet’s care. However, it is prudent to be inquisitive.

Is There an Age Requirement for Pet Boarding?

According to experts, the minimum age requirement for pet boarding is about 16 weeks. At this age, they should have had all their ‘puppy’ shots. This ensures that their immune system is strong enough to resist most contagious diseases.

If you need any more information about pet boarding, visit Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center at our office in Cumming, Georgia. You can also call (770) 886-9936 to book an appointment.

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