How Do I Get My Dog Ready for Boarding?

You do not have to feel awful about leaving your dog in a boarding kennel while on vacation. It might take a while for your dog to adjust to the environment at the kennel, but it is generally an excellent place for your dog to be. 

Your dog can gain exciting experiences while at the kennel. It gets to meet other dogs it can socialize and play with. When you pick up your dog from the kennel, it will likely be cheerful and tired. The experience can be so great for your dog you might even consider taking it for daycare services.

Here are some ways to get your dog ready for boarding.

Have Your Dog Vaccinated Early


Most boarding facilities require your dog to have all the vaccinations before taking them in. They are under mandate by law to have all animals under their care fully vaccinated for distemper, rabies, kennel cough, and, perhaps, canine influenza. 

To be sure, contact the Cumming pet boarding facility beforehand to find out which vaccinations are required. It would be best to have your dog vaccinated at least two weeks before they board. This is ample time for the vaccine to take effect.

Deal With Your Dog’s Anxiety


When you drop off your dog, you might be anxious about whether it will fit in. Your dog can perceive these feelings of anxiety, making them agitated. It would be best to maintain a positive attitude when leaving your dog at the boarding facility.

On the day you will be leaving your dog, make sure you are calm. A calm environment will ensure that your dog is not anxious or on edge. You can also provide exercise your dog for a few hours before dropping him off. This will ensure it is tired and in a good mood.

Look Around for the Best Boarding Facility in Cumming

Before you settle on a boarding facility, you should look at the available facilities. The facilities usually have different packages and activities to offer for dogs. Some allow the dogs to roam freely in the yard during the day. 

Others require dogs to stay in their kennels all day, only giving them a small amount of time to play. Depending on your dog's temperament, you can pick the best one. 

Familiarize Your Dog With the Environment

When you take your dog to the kennel in Cumming, you can help it feel more comfortable by making it more familiar. You can do this by including things your pet usually has at home. These could be a favorite blanket, a toy it loves playing with, or the type of food it usually has. These things will make the experience at the kennel more palatable.

Give a Quick Goodbye

If you have a goodbye that is too long, your dog might think that there is something wrong. It would be best if you kept the goodbye brief. This allows your dog to go into the boarding facility more relaxed.


For more on getting your dog ready for boarding, call Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center in Cumming, Georgia at (770) 886-9936 with any questions or to book an appointment today.

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