How Often Should I Take My Dog to the Groomer?

Taking your pet to the groomer is dependent on several factors. Some pets may require more frequent grooming than others. You need to consider the length and thickness of your pet’s fur and the speed at which their claws grow. Some pets may also have health issues that require them to get frequent grooming.


Most pet owners will take their fur babies for grooming every four to six weeks. But sometimes, it may not be necessary. Here are some general guidelines on how often you should groom your dog.


Hair Length


Some pets have long hair while others have short. Pets with long hair require daily brushing to avoid the tangling and matting of hair. Take your pet to the groomer at least four to six times a year. The groomer will trim their hair and style it in a way that suits your pet. Strip their undercoats every two to three months to prevent the tangling and matting of hair.


Pets with mid-length hair shed a lot. Therefore, take them to the groomers every spring and fall for undercoat stripping. You can also make a trip for hair trimming every few months. Short-haired pets need less grooming than all the rest. Therefore, you may only need to take them for grooming four times a year. However, do not forget to give them baths in between.


Environmental Factors


The climate of an area and other environmental factors play a crucial role in grooming. If you live in a hot place, your pet may need grooming more often. It helps keep them comfortable.


Pets in cold areas do not need to trim their hair as often. Having hair helps keep them warm and toasty. However, you will need to brush their hair to remove dirt and the undercoat. This way, you do not have to bathe them often.


Your Family’s Health


If your family members are allergic to pet hair, consider bathing your pet once a week. You may also need to give it a thorough brushing twice a week. It helps remove dead hairs and keeps the shedding to a minimum. It is also beneficial to the pet as it stimulates the growth of the hair. It also keeps your family healthy and safe. Take your pet for grooming in spring and fall.


Health Needs of the Specific Breed 


Some breeds of dogs have oily skin that collects dirt on their coat and skin. It may cause breakouts and skin infections. If you neglect them, it can lead to matting, which can lead to other problems. Hence, these breeds need frequent baths and grooming to keep them clean and healthy.


Dogs with short, broad skulls or brachycephalic tend to have facial folds. These require daily attention to prevent irritation, infections, and odor. They also benefit from regular professional grooming.


Time and Budget


If you have time, you can consider doing some grooming yourself. But if you do not, you will take your pet to the groomer more often. It becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. You may also need to consider how much you have in your pocket.


If you do not have enough resources, you can do some grooming at home. But remember that a solid grooming session with a professional will give you a neat, healthy-looking pet.


For more information on grooming, call Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center at (770) 886-9936 to reach our office in Cumming, Georgia. 

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