How Regular Grooming Keeps Your Pet Healthy

The National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc. always stresses the importance of regular pet grooming. This is an ideal practice that can improve your pet’s appearance and general health. You can groom your pets at home. You can also bring your pets to a professional groomer for more detailed care. If you want to know how regular grooming keeps your pet healthy, here’s what you should know.


Allows Parasite Checking and Treatment

External parasites can live on your pet for a long time. They could cause skin diseases and anemia. Grooming allows you to check for fleas and ticks and their tiny eggs. Regular trimming, washing, and brushing can stop these parasites from multiplying. A professional groomer can also provide flea or tick treatments that can eliminate the parasites permanently.


Improves Odor and Hygiene

Grooming improves your pet’s hygiene and odor. It removes the dead skin cells and loose hair. This allows your pet to smell better. A nice smelling pet is always welcome in any part of the house, during any occasion. Your pets will feel happier because of the sweet odor left on their coats.


Detects Health Issues Early

Routine grooming allows you to be more familiar with your pet. It lets you check your pet for lumps, bumps, and allergies. Simple brushing is not enough to detect these issues. Spotting them early will lead to early treatments. This will prevent the serious ailment from spreading or worsening.


Lowers the Risk of Developing Ear Infections

Removing the earwax from your pet’s ears is necessary. This prevents the onset of ear infections. Your groomer can help pluck out the long ear hairs that can block air from entering your pet’s ears. Proper ventilation and cleaning can prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria in your pet’s ears. These practices can also improve your pet’s hearing.


Removes Matted Fur

Pets with long fur tend to develop mats. The matted fur turns up when the individual strands bunch and twist together. Neglecting to remove these mats causes them to expand. The mats then pull on your pet’s skin. This can cause pain and discomfort. Routine grooming can remove matted fur and keep your pet’s fur smooth and shiny.


Prevents Bone Deformations

Nail trimming is important for your pet’s health and well-being. Overgrown nails can dig into your pet’s paw pads. This can make it difficult for your pet to walk around. Untrimmed nails can also change your pet’s posture. This could then lead to bone deformities. Once you see your pet’s nails touching the floor, it is time to trim them.


Improves Looks and Reduces Shedding

Your pet will look better with regular grooming. This will be clear evidence of how much you love your pet. Routine grooming can also lessen your dog’s shedding. Washing, conditioning, and brushing can help remove dirt, grime, and dead skin. Grooming also spreads your pet’s natural oils. This will make your pet’s coat healthier and shinier.


Regular grooming can help your pet look and feel better. You can groom your pet at home and bring your pet to the groomer on occasion. At Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center, we only provide high-quality care for our furry clients. Feel free to visit our center in Cumming, Georgia, for an in-person consultation. Please call us at 770-886-9936 to schedule an appointment or inquire about our grooming packages.

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