Is Daycare Good for Dog Socialization?

Should you send your dog to daycare? If your dog goes into a barking frenzy when mingling with other pets and pet owners, dog daycare may be the solution you are looking for. Daycare is a great outlet for dogs who need help with socializing.

The key is to find a daycare facility that will work well for your dog—physically, mentally, and socially. Before signing your dog up for daycare, consider their age. Young puppies can find daycare to be intense and overwhelming. Also, if met by bullying behavior, puppies can develop inappropriate social habits or PTSD.

Similarly, enrolling an older, unsocialized dog in daycare without knowing how they will react to a new environment with unfamiliar pooches and people is not a good idea. Talk to your pet care specialist about taking your dog to daycare before doing so. Your pet specialist may recommend a training or socialization program that will work best for your dog.

How Daycare Helps With Dog Socialization

Daycare can help your dog be friendlier toward other pets and pet owners. Here is how daycare can help socialize your canine.


  • Lots of Exercises

Well-run dog daycare facilities offer healthy, physical activities that will keep your dog busy all day. These activities ensure that your dog burns all the extra energy they have while providing vital exercise to keep them fit and healthy.

  • Mental Stimulation

An easy way to keep your dog mentally active is to include more interactive activities in their daily routine. Through interactive play, your dog can get used to mingling with other dogs and people.

Also, studies show that mental exercise reduces hyperactivity and aggressive behavior in dogs and helps boost their overall health.


  • Developing Confidence

Dogs get to mingle, play, interact with one another and learn how to behave suitably around each other. This helps dogs develop confidence as it grows with every new, positive interaction and experience.


  • A Safe Environment to Express Behavior Freely

Often, dog owners are not very good at or comfortable supervising play between pups. They do not know what is proper and what is risky. A quality daycare has trained personnel who can understand a dog's body language and ensure each dog is at ease.


  • Human Interaction

Interacting with daycare staff can help your dog become accustomed to being around other people. The daycare staff members are there to mingle with your dog during play if your dog wants them to.


  • Relief From Separation Anxiety and Boredom

Sending your pooch to daycare will present them with lots of opportunities and stimulation to ward off any anxiety or boredom.


So, How Many Days a Week Should Your Dog Go to Daycare?

You do not need to send your dog to daycare every day. Taking your dog to daycare for not more than three days a week should work. Spending time around other canines is vital for your dog, but more importantly, your dog needs to spend time walking, training and playing with you.

To learn more about whether daycare is good for dog socialization, visit Liberty Pet Resort at our office in Cumming, Georgia. You can call (770) 886-9936 to book an appointment today.

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