Is Pet Boarding More Cost-Effective Than Pet Sitters?

Sadly, you cannot always take your furry companion with you whenever you travel. But this does not mean that your pet has to or should stay home on its own. You have several options for finding care for your furry friend, among them being boarding or pet sitting. Both options will give your pet quality care when you are away, but your decision will depend on you and your pet’s level of ease with each situation.


Pet Boarding


With pet boarding facilities, your pet stays in a resort while you are absent. The professionals at the facility will care, exercise, groom, train, and give attention to your pet both outdoors and indoors, in spaces that are safe for your pet. Your pet will get to mingle with other pets and receive medical services when needed, making their stay quite enriching.


It is possible that your pet may not adjust well to the change and may not get a lot of personalized attention with many other pets at the facility. Additionally, although pet boarding facilities are remarkably clean, well-organized, and free of disease, your pet could be exposed to certain illnesses if vaccinations are not up-to-date.


Pet Boarding Cost


Standard pet boarding facilities normally charge between 15 to 30 dollars per night. The bigger your pet, the more the fee. Posher pet boarding facilities can cost 50 dollars or more per night, but the cost usually includes extras such as special food, treats, and fancier sleeping spaces.


Pet Sitting


With pet sitting, your pet stays at home under the care and protection of a professional who will keep a close eye on the pet. This option may work well if your furry friend does not cope well with new environments.


A pet sitter will feed, exercise, and groom your pet and may also take care of small chores around your house, such as watering your plants or collecting your mails. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that your pet is safe and not exposed to potential diseases.


But because a pet sitter will come to your home, it is important that your pets openly receive people in your home. Otherwise, pet sitting may not be a good choice. You must prepare your house for your sitter's stay and ensure that your pets have all the things they need while you travel. Also, you must prepare yourself for any damage that may happen when your pets are alone at home.


Pet Sitting Cost


Generally, pet sitters need a minimum of two visits a day, lasting 20 to 30 minutes. Usually, these short visits cost between 10 to 20 dollars, with visits that last hours going for 30 dollars per hour.


Extra chores such as giving medication, nail clipping, or cleaning pet accidents normally cost five to 10 dollars each. If your pet needs care multiple times every day, pet sitting charges can add up quite fast. Pet boarding is more cost-effective than pet sitting unless you choose a pet spa. Boarding is less costly because many pets can be cared for at the same time.


For more on whether pet boarding is more cost-effective than pet sitters, call Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center at our office in Cumming, Georgia at (770) 886-9936 today.

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