Maintaining Your Pet’s Mental Health While They’re in Long-term Boarding

Kennel stress refers to dogs feeling mental or emotional stress during or after staying at a pet boarding. You will know your pet feels this way when they start whining, shaking, or becoming aggressive, among other signs and symptoms. Fortunately, there are ways to maintain your pet’s mental health.


Choose a Daycare with Lots of Stimulation

Pets, especially dogs, need a lot of stimulation. Choosing a daycare that provides your pet with plenty of physical and mental stimulation will help drive stress away. Leave your dog at a pet hotel where they’ll be kept busy with lots of playtime and exercise, and they’ll forget their worries for a while.


Pre-Visit the Dog Daycare

It’s impossible to do it consistently, but you can pre-visit the dog daycare if possible. Try letting your pet stay one night and pick them up the next day. Doing so helps your pet feel good about the place. Dropping your pet for an overnight stay and picking them up the next also teaches your pet that you will come back for them.


Sleep and Crate Train Your Dog

If your pet hasn’t slept in a crate before, do it now to prepare beforehand. Crate train your dog in a different room to prepare for stress when you board them. It will be difficult for them to adjust to the boarding kennels if you don’t train them right now. Doing so at least two weeks before the actual boarding should help.


Socialization Training with Other Dogs

If your pet is young and hasn’t interacted with other pets, start training them to socialize before boarding. This is crucial because your pet will likely meet other pets with various sizes, shapes, and temperaments.


Board with Familiar-Smelling Items

Your pet will surely miss you when you leave. One way to reduce their stress is by leaving them with familiar-smelling items, like their bedding or toys, your old T-shirt, or a blanket you used to cuddle with back home.


Try Dog Calming Treats

No guarantee this will work, but some pet owners say it does. Try calming your pet by letting them snack on dog-calming treats. Give one when you leave your pet at the daycare and another when they come home to you.


Drop Your Pet Earlier in the Morning

Drop off your pet at the daycare earlier in the day. This way, they will have more time to get used to the new place, smells, and noises, as well as the new dogs and strange people.


Make It a Short and Sweet Drop-off

Lingering or making a fuss when you leave your pet at the daycare will only make it harder for them. Keep the goodbye short; if you’re worried, you can call later to see how your pet is settling in.

If you’re worried about your pet’s mental health while vacationing, don’t hesitate to contact Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center at (770) 886-9936. Visit our pet hotel in Cumming, Georgia, to know if we’re the right fit for your beloved animal.

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