Pet Boarding for Dogs With Special Needs


If you’re like most pet owners, your dog isn’t just an animal but rather an important member of your family. Dogs are incredibly loyal, they love unconditionally, and they’re always eager to cuddle.


But if your dog has special needs, you probably go even further to ensure they receive the best care possible. What happens if you need to travel for business or decide to take a vacation and can’t take your pup along? Instead of feeling stressed, find a pet resort that specializes in the care of special needs dogs.


Choosing the Right Pet Resort


The following are things to expect and do before deciding where to leave your dog:


  • Level of Care - Set your expectations high. After all, your dog is family, so you want a resort that provides outstanding care. The most important criterion is for a facility to have experience in handling animals with special needs. Never hesitate to ask for multiple references.

  • On-Site Staff – Make sure that staff with the right qualifications is on-site 24-hours a day. Especially if your pup has seizures, you need the assurance that someone is there to help day and night.

  • In-Person Visit – Never choose a pet resort-based solely on a phone call. Instead, visit it in person and have someone give you a tour of the facility. During that time, focus on organization, professionalism, cleanliness, and anything else that you deem important.

  • Qualifications – The resort must have people on staff with the appropriate qualifications to care for your dog and its specific needs. For example, if your pup requires daily shots, only someone certified or licensed should give injections. If your dog has to wear diapers, a staff member should check them regularly and always clean your pet before putting on a new diaper. Otherwise, your precious baby could develop sores or infections.


Additional Tips


There are things you can do to prepare your dog for a stay at a boarding facility:


  • Packing – Pack suitcases in a room that your dog can’t access. Often, pets become stressed when they realize their humans plan to go somewhere without them.

  • Home Environment – Keep the home atmosphere normal. For instance, if you plan to take the kids to Disney World, your dog will likely feed off their excitement. The calmer things are before leaving, the better your dog will adapt.

  • Comfort Items – Take your pup’s favorite blanket and toys to the facility.

  • Food – If your dog is on a special diet, make sure you provide the pet resort with an adequate supply of food.

  • Your List – For your peace of mind, provide a list of everything important. That includes the schedule for feeding, administering medication, changing diapers, and so on. Also, provide several names of trusted individuals they can contact in the case of an emergency, including your veterinarian.


Trusted Service


At Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center, we’re not animal sitters but professionals who go above and beyond to provide superior care for all boarders. We’re highly qualified to deal with special needs dogs, ensuring their safety and happiness while you’re away. For more information, please contact us at 770-886-9936 or visit us in Cumming, Georgia, to schedule an appointment.

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