Pet Boarding Tips for Cats

Being separated for any length of time can be stressful for our pets. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances arise that mean that we have to temporarily leave the care of our animals in the hands of someone else.

There can be many reasons why you need someone to take care of your cat for you, from a vacation or business trip to a visiting guest with severe cat allergies. Whatever the reason for your temporary separation, you’ll want to try and make sure that the boarding experience is as stress-free as possible for your feline friend. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help.


Here are our top tips for preparing your cat for boarding.


Provide Your Cat’s Food

With countless different cat feeds available, it’s impossible for a boarding facility to offer every single variety. However, an abrupt change in diet can be stressful for your cat and could cause her to refuse or food or experience gastrointestinal problems like bloating, constipation or diarrhea. If your chosen boarding facility doesn’t offer your cat’s usual variety of feed, be sure to ask them if you can provide your own. This is especially important if your kitty is on a special prescription diet.


Check-Up With Your Vet

Most boarding facilities require animals in their care to be fully vaccinated against diseases so that they can’t be transmitted among the other furbabies on the premises. Your vet will be able to provide proof of vaccinations to present to your chosen boarding facility on or ahead of arrival. You’ll also get the peace of mind that your furry pal is in excellent health when you leave them.


Check Microchip Is Up To Date

Boarding facilities are designed to be extremely safe and secure, but nervous cats will often try and escape during the transition from your vehicle or the carrier to the premises. However, your cat doesn’t need to be Houdini to benefit from having their microchip up to date. Their microchip will contain the details needed to reunite you with your cat in the event that they become lost or stolen at any point, when you are together or when you’re apart.


Pack Some Of Their Favorite Things

Animals can get homesick too, and this means that they can also benefit from taking a few familiar things when they go into boarding. This could be their own bed or a favorite blanket or toy, whatever you think will help them to settle in your absence.


Notify Staff Of Medical Needs

If your pet is on any medication, or if you have any medical concerns, it’s essential that you raise them with your chosen boarding facility before you book them in for their stay. You want to be sure that the facility that you choose has experienced medical staff who can administer your feline’s medication in your absence and ensure that their health is prioritized during their stay. In addition to providing a copy of your cat’s full medical records, you should let the facility know who your usual vet is and who to contact in case of an emergency in case you can’t be reached.


Don’t Get Stressed

Animals are exceptionally good at picking up on human emotions and your feline friend is no exception. If you become stressed, anxious, or tearful when you drop them at boarding, your cat could pick up on this and reflect the same emotions back at you, when otherwise they might feel calm. Instead, make your goodbye a short and sweet one, and call to check up on how your kitty has settled in a few hours later.



For more information about boarding a cat, visit Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center in Cumming, Georgia. Call (770) 886-9936 to schedule an appointment today.

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