Pet Boarding Tips for Puppies

Leaving your paw companion behind is not easy. Yet, it is necessary from time to time during vacations. To help you and your furry friend spend time away from each other with less worry, make plans for their care while you are away. If you opt to board your cat or dog at a pet hotel instead of leaving your pet with family or a pet sitter, these tips may help.


Do Some Investigation

Before deciding where to take your furry friend for boarding, do your homework to ensure you find the best pet hotel. A pet boarding house is an unknown environment for your pet. For that reason, a background check on every potential facility ensures your pet will be as happy and relaxed as possible. Call each potential pet hotel and ask what they offer and what your pet’s routine will look like throughout the stay.

If you have a high-energy pet, ensure the facility has enough play space and activities that will keep your pet from getting restless. Otherwise, the energy can accumulate and turn into stress and cause destructive conduct.


Prepare Your Pet

Many pet resorts double up as pet daycares. Take a tour of the facility with your pet and leave your pet overnight at the daycare and see how he or she behaves. Doing so will help you feel more at ease when you eventually say goodbye. You should also confirm your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date and consistent with the boarding facility’s vaccination requirements.


Bring Your Pet’s Snuggle Blanket or Toy

If your furry friend has a favorite snuggle toy or blanket, carry it to the boarding house so your pet can have a soothing keepsake. Likewise, plush toys or towels that smell like home can give your pet something to cuddle with at night and ease their break into a new environment. Do not take any bulky feathered or stuffed items because they are hard to clean. These can cause a mess if your pet becomes uneasy and destructive.


Go Over Your Pet’s Needs

Even though you may have discussed your pet’s needs with the staff, it is still important to review your pet’s medications, diet, or quirks he or she may have. When it comes to food, do not introduce any new diets because your pet can get stomach aches due to stress. Also, tell the staff how much food your pup or kitty should be getting by showing them how to portion their food.

In matters of medication, have clear directives on labeled bottles to ensure your pet is taking medicine at the correct times. Similarly, if your pet has anxiety, separation anxiety, or issues with territory about their food and toys, inform the staff. That way, the staff can keep an eye out for your pet during play hours to ensure they are safe and comfortable.


To learn more about pet boarding, visit Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center at our office in Cumming, Georgia. You can also call (770) 886-9936 to book an appointment today.

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