Preventing Fleas and Ticks in Dogs

The warmer weather is here, and summertime is just around the corner. While the great weather welcomes outdoor fun for you and your pup, it also welcomes fleas and ticks. Dealing with fleas and ticks is an exhausting process. Once they latch onto your dog, they can be quite hard to remove. Moreover, if you fail to remove the ticks and fleas properly, they can cause skin infections and diseases.


To be on the safe side, ask your vet for safe and effective solutions to prevent fleas and ticks in your pet. Here are things you can do to prevent ticks and fleas from infesting your pet and your home.


Use Prescription Medication for Prevention


The easiest way to get rid of ticks and fleas in your dog is to use prescription medication for prevention recommended by your vet. You may not like using chemicals to treat your pup, but sometimes you cannot avoid it.


Read the instructions on the medicines carefully to use the recommended amount to avoid poisoning. If you are uncertain, talk to your vet to clear any doubts or lingering anxieties. Also, do not use old ticks and flea medications because they may have expired.


Keep Your Home Clean


Flea eggs can survive in your home for several weeks during the colder weather. Once fleas lay their eggs around the home, they can multiply fast. Fleas thrive in warmer temperatures found in the house, and they usually find plenty to feed on in parts of your house that have carpets, curtains, and even on couches. Ensure that you clean your house regularly with detergents to terminate flea eggs before they break out and become a menace.


Keep the Grass in Your Yard Short


Along with keeping your indoors clean, you should also clean your yard. Keeping your grass short by mowing, clearing bushes, and clearing leaves up will help reduce spaces where fleas can live and breed. You could also consider treating your yard with tick and flea prevention chemicals, particularly if you live in woody and humid area. Ensure that you use the right chemicals and in the right manner to avoid harming your dog or family.


Inspect Your Dog Often for Ticks


Regularly check your dogs and yourself for fleas or ticks after taking strolls through grassy areas or the woods. Check your dog’s collar, feet (and between the toes), lips, eyes, and inside the ears, beneath the legs, below the tail, and near the anus. Also, feel all over your dog’s fur to check for bumps. Do this even if your dogs are taking a tick and flea preventive medication.


Visit Your Vet Regularly


Regular wellness exams are the best way to detect symptoms or flea or tick infestation. Also, it is the best way to come up with a parasite prevention plan that works and observe the effectiveness of your dog’s current prevention plan. If you often find fleas and ticks on your dog, you should check in with your vet right away.


To learn more about preventing fleas and ticks in dogs, contact Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center in Cumming, Georgia at (770) 886-9936 today!

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