Professional Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitter

The International Boarding & Pet Services Association says that it is vital for pet owners to have a backup plan whenever they make travel arrangements with their pets. You might end up discovering that the accommodations you will have do not allow pets. Just in case, you must be ready to leave your fur baby with a trustworthy care provider. The most pleasant option is either a professional pet boarding facility or a pet sitter. To help you make your choice, here’s what you should know.


Professional Pet Boarding Facility


If you are thinking about bringing your pet to a boarding facility or house, you can have peace of mind when it comes to professional care. This facility or house can accommodate several other pet tenants. Leaving your pet in the company of other pets can be fun for your pet. Since the place will have professional care providers, there will be activities and playtime with other pets. There could also be training sessions in the package you choose.


You should know that leaving your pet in a boarding facility does not involve personalized service. Instead, you and your pet must comply with the requirements of the facility. You must agree that your pet will be under the facility’s regulations and routine. This means that your pet will maintain a regular schedule for activities, meals, and rest. You can also be sure that the care providers have all had training in handling pets.


Even with all the obvious benefits of leaving your pet in a boarding facility, there are still negatives that you should think about. The moment you leave your pet there, there will be other pets around. There is always a risk that your pet will contract an ailment or infection. The stress of staying at a pet boarding facility can be too much for some pets. If you know that being with other pets can impact your pet’s behavior or health in a negative way, maybe a boarding facility is not for your pet.


Pet Sitting


Most pet parents choose to hire a pet sitter if they need to leave their fur kids behind. A pet sitter should pay your pet regular visits before you leave. The visits should happen at least a month before your trip. Familiarization is key to successful pet sitting. Your pets must accept the sitter and be used to the sitter’s presence.


Once there is trust between your pet and your pet sitter, you will have peace of mind that your pet will have customized care while you are gone. Your pet sitter will stay in your home to care for your pet in your place. This will include daily walks and playtime. Your pet will stay in familiar surroundings while being cared for by a professional pet sitter.


Choosing between a pet boarding facility and a pet sitter can be difficult. The choice depends on how well you know your pet. Most pet parents go for hiring a pet sitter because of the more personalized care. At Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center, we always put your pet’s needs first. Please visit our resort and wellness center in Cumming, Georgia, for a quick tour of the amenities.


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