Tips for Personalizing Your Pet's Boarding Space

Leaving your pet at a boarding facility while you travel can make you anxious about how they will handle the new surroundings. You wish your animal companion to be cozy and cheerful in your absence. One way is to personalize their boarding space with everyday items and touches. Here are some helpful tips.



Bring Their Favorite Toys


Toys can provide your pet with entertainment, comfort, and stimulation. They can also ease your pet’s stress and anxiety levels. Bring some of their favorite toys at home. You can also include a new toy that they can explore and enjoy. 


Toys are not just for fun. They are also essential for your pet's physical and mental health. Toys can help your pet exercise muscles, improve coordination, and prevent boredom. They can also satisfy their instincts, such as chewing, hunting, or digging. 



Add Some Comfortable Bedding


Your furry friend deserves a soft and snug spot to sleep and relax. Bring the bedding they use at home, such as a blanket, a pillow, or a mat. This will help them feel safer and calmer. You can also spray some of your perfume or cologne on the bedding to add your scent. This can help your pet feel closer to you and reduce separation anxiety. When picking your pet's bedding, consider their size, breed, age, and likes. 



Include Some Photos of You


You can make some prints of your photos and stick them to the walls or the cage. You can also make a video or an audio message for your pet and ask the staff to show it to them. 


Photos can give your pet visual and auditory cues to ease their separation distress. Seeing or hearing your face or voice can trigger positive emotions and memories in your pet's brain. This can help them feel calmer and more confident in your absence. 



Pack Some Treats and Food


Your pet might have a different appetite or preference in a new place. Pack some of their favorite treats and food to ensure they eat well and stay healthy. You can also include special treats they do not often get, such as cheese, peanut butter, or chicken. This will make them feel more pampered and rewarded—but please, do not overdo it. Instead, stick to their regular diet as much as possible.


Treats and food can provide your pet’s nutrition, hydration, and energy. They can also enhance your pet's mood and behavior. Treats and food can reinforce good conduct, such as following commands or being quiet. 



Follow Their Routine


Pets are creatures of habit, so they like to follow a routine. Try to keep their boarding schedule as close to their home schedule as possible. This will help your furry friend adjust better and avoid confusion or stress.


Routine can provide your pet with stability, consistency, and predictability. It can help them understand what will happen and what they should do in a new scenario. It can also ease their anxiety about the unfamiliar and boost their confidence. Routine can also help your pet maintain their circadian rhythm, ensuring their sleep-wake cycle stays on track.





Following these tips can make your pet's boarding space more personalized and comfortable. This will make them have a more pleasant and fun time while you are gone. You can also feel relaxed knowing your pet is cheerful and in good hands.


For more on personalizing your pet's boarding space, visit Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center at our Cumming, Georgia facility. Call (770) 886-9936 to schedule an appointment today.

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