What to Know About Boarding a Senior Pet

Planning a vacation or a weekend getaway is exciting until you have to think of where to put up your pet. Getting someone to take your pet in can be difficult, especially if you have a senior pet.


Older dogs tend to have special needs. They may have health issues, be on medication, or have trouble being away from their owners. All of this may be too cumbersome for someone new to it.


But, there’s a solution. You could check your dog into a boarding facility and have the confidence that it will receive the proper care.


Getting a Boarding for Your Older Dog


You must find the best boarding house. A search around the internet should provide you with adequate information that you can use to gauge boarding houses in your area. Search through the kennels’ websites and read the customer reviews. See how previous customers describe the facilities and the services offered. If your friends and family have boarded their pets before, ask if they can recommend some place.


Your vet may also know of some good kennels in your area. Some even run a kennel service, which may be a better option, especially if your senior dog has some serious medical issues.


Inspect the Kennel


Once you’ve settled for a kennel, visit it and tag your dog along. Carrying your dog with you allows it to gain familiarity with the place. It gets acquainted with the smells, sounds, and atmosphere at the kennel. The familiarity will keep the dog from becoming homesick when you finally leave it there.


Observe the kennel’s cleanliness, treatment of dogs, feeding, and watering. See if all these provisions are clean. Check to see if there’s a play area for dogs. If your dog is on medication or has special needs, ask how the staff would handle that. Also, ask about how the staff handles emergencies and whether they have contact with a vet.


Observe how the staff treats the dogs. Listen to how they speak to them. Do they use positive words? If they do, that’s a sign that they value their guests and care for them well. During your inspection, ask for a list of things you would be required to carry to admit your dog.


Inform the Kennel of Your Dog’s Condition


If your dog has any physical limitations due to disabilities or has become slower with age, let the kennel know. It helps the staff set aside extra time to care for your dog at its pace.


If the dog is on a special diet, let the staff know that too. Let them know its feeding portions and the frequency of its meals. If it has incontinence problems, let the staff know that too. It helps them make provisions or may ask you to provide the resources your dog needs.


Pack the Provisions Needed


You may be asked to carry a few provisions to increase your dog’s comfort. Some of them include:


  • A contact to your vet
  • Favorite toys
  • Medications and guidelines for taking it
  • Your dog’s favorite food
  • Clothes, such as a T-shirt that has your scent

Pack these items discreetly, away from your dog. Some dogs can associate the packing with your absence and develop anxiety.


To find out more about boarding a senior pet, contact Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center in Cumming, GA at (770) 886-9936 to request an appointment.

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