What to Know About Boarding Your Pet This Holiday Season

The holidays are approaching, and you may need to travel with your family. These plans may not include your pet. If so, you may need to make accommodations for them beforehand. Doing this may be a challenge. Do not wait until the last minute. Start now before you find all the ideal boarding spots at capacity.

Here are some facts you will need to know as you search for a boarding spot for your furry friend. They will ensure that they are safe and comfortable while you are away.


Check the Environment

Checking the boarding environment goes beyond checking the kennels—although you need to ensure that these are clean and comfortable. You may need to walk around and check the surroundings and facilities.

Do they have any safety features for monitoring the animals? How is their cage-free boarding? Cage-free boarding is an ideal option for sociable pets. It ensures they do not suffer from separation anxiety and make new friends.


Check for Signs of Separation Anxiety

Another way to check the environment is to pick a day and visit the facility at night. Park in the lot and listen. Do you hear any howling? These are signs of separation anxiety. The occasional one is common.

But if you hear several dogs, it may mean that the staff has gone home. It may also mean that the animals are in individual rooms. Separation anxiety can make your pet sad and nervous. It affects their mental and sometimes physical state.


Interact and Get to Know the Staff

Get to know the people you will leave your pet with while away. Have them take you on a facility tour. Check the employee-to-pet ratio. It will inform you if the place can give your pet the attention it needs.

Also, get to know if the staff are happy working in the boarding facility. Workers who are happy and passionate about their work will ensure that your pet is comfortable, safe, and at peace.


Physical and Mental Stimulation

Boarding facilities should offer activities that create a routine for the animals. It helps deal with separation anxiety. It also allows them to exercise and expend their energy. It keeps your pet physically healthy and gives mental stimulation. Hence, find out if the facility offers games and for how long. Also, ask whether they are in an individual or group setting.


Safety and Care

Now that you know whether your pet will be comfortable and happy, you still need to ensure its safety. For that, check how much supervision your pet will have during outdoor activities. Do they have webcams and monitoring systems? It would also be nice if they gave a live feed view. It allows you to check on your furry friend whenever you want.

Part of safety and care is getting to know about vaccination requirements. You do not want to leave your pet in a place that does not ensure that animals have vaccinations. Check on the cleanliness of the facility and get to know their cleaning routines. Leave plenty of supplies, especially medications, to ensure your pet does not miss them.

For more information on boarding your pet this season, visit Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center at our Cumming, Georgia office. Call (770) 886-9936 to schedule an appointment today.

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