Why It’s Worth Having Your Dog Groomed Professionally

Grooming your dog provides many health benefits that go beyond simply smelling nice. Brushing your dog may leave them looking good, but more importantly, it helps ventilate the coat and remove damaged hairs. This allows the dog to grow strong and healthy. 


Too much grease on the coat can cause irritation, block the pores, and result in different skin problems. A regular massage helps promote healthy blood circulation. You can find out below why it is worth having your dog groomed professionally. 


Save Time and Energy


A good reason to have your dog professionally groomed is to save you time and energy. The entire process takes time and patience. Professional groomers do everything, from brushing and bathing the dog to trimming, clipping, and checking for signs of infection. 


They have the right tools to perform the job effectively. They also have the expertise to deal with different types of dogs, including those that may be anxious or aggressive. 


Improving Appearance


A good reason to have your dog professionally groomed is to improve their appearance. Every pet parent wants their pooch to look beautiful. Pets look and feel better after grooming. Do not allow your dog to go unkempt with matted hair, long or curled nails, and other issues. 


These can affect their health, posture, and general comfort. As a pet owner, you might not have the time or skill to provide proper grooming. However, professional groomers do. 


Avoid Medical Problems


Professional grooming can help keep your dog healthy, avoiding a wide range of medical problems. During the grooming session, the dog’s eyes, ears, teeth, skin, and entire body will go through thorough checks. 

This means that the groomer will detect or identify any issues that could cause health problems. The groomer can detect potentially dangerous problems early. Catching health issues early can help ensure your dog gets effective treatment.


Protecting Dental Health 


Most pet owners do not realize how important it is to protect their pet’s dental health. Brushing your dog’s teeth will go a long way in preventing decay and other oral conditions. Your dog’s dental health will affect their overall well-being. 

Professional groomers have the expertise and experience to keep your dog’s mouth clean and healthy. This will help you save on the expenses associated with a sick pet. 


Reducing Shedding


It may not be possible to stop your dog from shedding all over your carpet, but you can control it. Regular professional grooming can help reduce shedding. Professional groomers have special conditioning shampoos that can help reduce shedding. 

Professional groomers use the best brushes to stimulate oil production on the dog’s skin. This helps keep the skin healthy and reduces shedding. The groomer can also trim the dog’s fur, which can help.

Research has shown that dogs that get regular grooming become accustomed to touch. They feel relaxed when being brushed, and a massage helps release tension. This makes the dogs more social and pleasant to be around. 


For more on why it is worth having your dog groomed professionally, contact Liberty Pet Resort & Wellness Center at our office in Cumming, Georgia. You can call (770) 886-9936 today to schedule an appointment. 

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