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The new owners have made a big difference. My dog gets so excited to go to doggy daycare! She goes 5-6 days a week and has so much fun playing with the other pets and staff. She literally runs to the door when we pull up and she’s exhausted when she gets home.

Joey Howard

My pups stay there all the time. I wish they offered long term stay discounts.

MAPA Housing & Services

We couldn’t be more pleased with Liberty. We had been using another place for when we went out of town, but Liberty was recommended by a friend so we decided to try it because we were told the owner is a vet, so if your pet needs care they can provide better care than your typical daycare/on boarding place. We have an 11 year old dog and a 5 month old pup. A couple days before our trip we brought them for daycare to make sure they’d do ok. We met the owner and when she checked both our dogs, she found that our older one had an ear infection. He is prone to them because of a skin condition and has had a few over the past serval months. She said it would be no problem for them to keep him and that she would get him on medicine right away to treat him, which they did. While we were on our trip, we received regular updates during our long weekend trip on both dogs to let us know they were doing great. When we returned yesterday, both were clearly happy and our older dog’s ear was much, much better. We’ll continue to use them in the future.

Jason Cohen

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