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A Day in the Life: What Pets Do in Boarding Facilities

Do you have an animal companion? Chances are that a day will come when you will have to leave your pet in a boarding facility. Whether you need to take an unexpected trip or travel frequently, you should leave your pet in good hands. If you have a dog, for example, you should make perfect arrangements for the care of your canine friend.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Boarding

In a nutshell, pet boarding is a daycare for pets just like there are daycares for kids. However, there is a difference. Most pet owners usually resort to pet boarding when they have to be away for a few days. As a result, the boarding facilities entrusted with this task have to be professional. 

Benefits of a Pet Behavioral Assessment Before Boarding

Are you looking for a temporary stay for your pet while you’re traveling? For many owners, boarding their pet is the first solution that often comes to mind. Whether you’d be away for only a few days or several weeks, you’d want expert care for your furry friend.

Preventing Fleas and Ticks in Dogs

The warmer weather is here, and summertime is just around the corner. While the great weather welcomes outdoor fun for you and your pup, it also welcomes fleas and ticks. Dealing with fleas and ticks is an exhausting process. Once they latch onto your dog, they can be quite hard to remove. Moreover, if you fail to remove the ticks and fleas properly, they can cause skin infections and diseases.

Professional Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitter

The International Boarding & Pet Services Association says that it is vital for pet owners to have a backup plan whenever they make travel arrangements with their pets. You might end up discovering that the accommodations you will have do not allow pets. Just in case, you must be ready to leave your fur baby with a trustworthy care provider. The most pleasant option is either a professional pet boarding facility or a pet sitter. To help you make your choice, here’s what you should know.

Pet Boarding Tips for Puppies

Leaving your paw companion behind is not easy. Yet, it is necessary from time to time during vacations. To help you and your furry friend spend time away from each other with less worry, make plans for their care while you are away. If you opt to board your cat or dog at a pet hotel instead of leaving your pet with family or a pet sitter, these tips may help.

What to Know About Boarding a Senior Pet

Planning a vacation or a weekend getaway is exciting until you have to think of where to put up your pet. Getting someone to take your pet in can be difficult, especially if you have a senior pet.

How Dog Daycare Can Improve Your Pups Behavior

Dogs are a joy to have in the home but taking care of them can be overwhelming. Most people get a dog in the spur of the moment without considering how it will affect their lifestyle. Sometimes, the dog ends up spending many hours inside alone. Having a pup calls for your commitment to feeding, grooming, and socializing. If you are not able to do this daily, you can enroll your pup in a doggy daycare.

Pet Boarding for Dogs With Separation Anxiety

​​​​​​​The Humane Society of the United States is aware that many dogs stay in pet boarding facilities under the care of professional pet care providers. This is usually an easy situation to handle if your canine companion doesn’t have any behavioral issues. Yet, if your dog suffers from separation anxiety, pet boarding becomes a more challenging task. If you want to find out how to board dogs with this condition, here’s what you should know.

Pet Boarding for Dogs With Special Needs

If you’re like most pet owners, your dog isn’t just an animal but rather an important member of your family. Dogs are incredibly loyal, they love unconditionally, and they’re always eager to cuddle.

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